Direct Mail Marketing Tips For Online Business Owners

I think a lot of online business owners can benefit from the use of direct mail. With direct mail, you can definitely increase your conversion rates. It’s been said that using direct mail with backend marketing from your online customer list can boost your conversions by more than 30%. This is huge!

Now if the idea of direct mail seems daunting or challenging, you should know that it isn’t – especially if you’re only sending material to your backend customer list. You can send out a 1-page letter promoting your product or service, or you can simply send out a postcard that can accomplish the same thing.

With a postcard, you make your prospect “skip” through one of the steps that is needed to view your message… you made them “skip” through opening up the letter! This is a big thing. Most people when they get their mail, they sort out the important letters or personal letters – from all of the bulk mail that they may receive.

If your letter looks like bulk mail, nobody will be seeing your offer to come back to your website and possibly buy from you again. It just won’t happen. I like postcards because they’re cheap, stamps for it don’t cost much, and they’re easy to design. In fact, you can make a nice little design on it that gives the postcard a nice comfortable feel.

If you don’t know much about direct mail, you will want to study up on it so that you can implement it in your online business. Like I said it’s not hard, and because you’re only going to use it for backend marketing (or maybe frontend marketing if you’re not afraid), you stand to earn a lot of money from it.

If you want to do it for frontend marketing and turn offline leads into your email subscribers, you can do this too. For the best results, you will want to go down to your local library and find something called the “SRDS”. The SRDS stands for the “Standard Rate and Data Service”, and it’s a great way to find targeted mailing lists that you can mail to.

Just make sure you pick a good list. There are some people who like to spend top dollar for a high quality list, because they know that it will result in crazy sales for them in the long run – and they will make their money back. You’re able to do the same thing if you study up on the subject.

Direct mail is a proven technique for making more money in your internet business. I’m confident that the more you do it, the more likely you are to succeed with it in your business, and gain those high quality customers that direct mail is known for producing. You can really make top dollar with it, and if you can master it, you can create cash on demand.

There are people making 5-figure incomes per month using direct mail alone, but these are typically the people who have a familiar sense with offline marketing in general. Study up on direct mail, and I’m confident that you can have the online business of your dreams… all because of the sales made from backend direct mail marketing.

Good luck with getting more sales for your online business today.

3 Key Fundamentals For Success In Network Marketing

It is very common for network marketers to complicate and over think everything when they are desperate to see results. There are 3 key fundamental things that are crucial when it comes to achieving success in network marketing! However, although it is very straight forward, everyday I see people overlook the important basics that is necessary for success in the network marketing profession.

Success in network marketing is comprised of these 3 fundamental things:

1) Building a list of prospects
2) Building a relationship with those prospects
3) Marketing your goods and services to those prospects so you can build your business and make money

In other words:

The # of Prospects in Your List X The Relationship You Have With Your Prospects = The Level of Success For Your Business

Struggling network marketers usually have at least one of these essential parts missing, that are holding them back from achieving great success in their business. But there are simple ways to correct that problem… You may have a small lists of prospects (family, friends, co-workers) but have a great relationship with every single one. Unfortunately, without a huge list your progress will come to a sudden stop when you no longer have prospects to market your goods or services to.

What is the 1 thing that all of the 1% top income earners in network marketing have in common?

A HUGE LIST – whether it be their warm market, other peoples warm market or using the power of the internet

In another case, you may have a big list of prospects but have a poor relationship with them if any relationship at all. This is also a problem. When people are joining your opportunity and becoming your business partner, having a relationship, trusting and respecting you is mandatory. Who in their right mind would become business partners with somebody they didn’t trust or even know… NO ONE! Without a solid relationship no matter how many prospects are on your list, the level of success for your own business will not meet its full potential.

The easiest and most effective way to maximize your success in network marketing is to AUTOMATE these 3 key fundamentals in your own business!

If you are someone that is looking for a solution on how to expand your list, you can use the internet to build a list of prospects automatically by using things such as social media, video marketing, article marketing, solo ads etc. If you are someone that is looking for a solution on how to build a solid relationship with your prospects, you can also use the internet to do this automatically by using an auto-responder, blog etc.

So once you understand HOW to use the internet and technology to your advantage, you can market your goods and services to your prospects automatically so you can drastically build your own network marketing or home-based business and begin making money literally on autopilot!